The Space Merchants

Performance, 2008

The site-specific installation takes its title from a classic 1950’s sci-fi novel, The Space Merchants by Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth. In a hypotetical futuristic hyper-populated world, economy replaces politics; publicity becomes a mirror and measurement for human values and merchandise a sign of happiness.

The Fifties are a pivotal time reference for two of the most iconic ‘Space Merchants’ of our times, the food carton container Tetra Pak, invented in 1951, and the container for shipping, first used in 1954. The context of the exhibition allows these two spatial measurements to be traced as contemporary, unrivaled agents of trading merchandise on a global scale.

Credits: Lucrezia Cippitelli, dan.rec, TetraPak Italia, Fattoria Latte Sano, Film Office City of London