2014 – 2016 Guest researcher at ASCA, University of Amsterdam (NL)
2005 – 2006 University of Greenwich, London (United Kingdom) Postgraduate Certificate in Education
2001 – 2003 University of Plymouth (United Kingdom) Master of Arts (Visual Performance)
1994 – 1998 Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma (Italy) BA Fine Arts
1987 – 2002 Independent training in Contemporary Dance and Performance Art.

2018 LaFuma for COGITO (FR)
2018 Fonds Kwadraat for COGITO (NL)
2016 G-TEC for ‘COGITO’ (A)
2016 Stimuleringsfonds for ‘COGITO’ (NL)
2016 Mondriaan Fonds for ‘COGITO’ (NL)
2015 CBK Rotterdam Fonds for ‘COGITO’ (NL)
2014 Mondriaan Fonds for the project ‘Writing on the Moon’ for the ‘Ether Snuiven’ radio show, WORM, Rotterdam (NL)
2014 50th Design Biennale Liublijana, grant for the project ‘COGITO’ (SLO)
2012 European Space Agency Scholarship for research at the International Space University
2011 Comenius Fund for research at La Sorbonne University, Paris (FR)
2011 Europlanet Scholarship for a paper presentation at the Copernicus Meeting, Nantes (FR)
2010 Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst (NL) funding supporting the live show of the project OPTICKS
2010 MYA Fond, Foundation NAC (NL) for the making of ‘Invisible Cities 4’ and ‘History of Doing’
2005 Greenwich University (UK) bursary for Post Graduate Certificate in Education studies
2003 Erasmus Scholarship for research studies at SNDO, Amsterdam (NL)

2018 COGITO, Dwingeloo Radio Telescope (NL)
La Villette, Paris (FR)
16 CIVICO, Pescara (IT)
Global Astronomy Month 2018, OPTICKS (global)
2017 First Overview Symposium, Columbus Earth Theatre, Kerkrade (NL)
Global Astronomy Month 2017, OPTICKS live performance
2016 Seeing Sound, University of Bath (UK), OPTICKS live performance
Global Astronomy Month 2016, OPTICKS live performance
2015 Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (NL), live performance of ‘The Great Debate’
International Moon Observing Night, live performance of OPTICKS, in collaboration with NASA
MAAM, Rome (IT) ‘OPTICKS’ for Global Astronomy Month 2015
Story of Light Festival, Goa, India ‘OPTICKS’
2014 Dwingeloo radio telescope (NL) Live performance of ‘COGITO’
MAAM, Rome (IT) ‘Moon Relay’
Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe (US), ‘OPTICKS’
Dwingeloo radio telescope (NL) Live Performance for Global Astronomy Month 2014, ‘OPTICKS’
ASTRON (Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy), world premiere of ‘The Blue Marble’
2012 Dwingeloo radio telescope (NL) Live Performance for Global Astronomy Month 2012, ‘OPTICKS’
RaiTunes (radio programme) (IT), ‘OPTICKS’
Teatro Valle, Rome (IT), ‘OPTICKS’
WORM, Rotterdam (NL), ‘OPTICKS’
Museon, The Hague (NL), ‘OPTICKS’
RE: Rotterdam Art Fair, Rotterdam (NL), ‘le Voyage dans la Lune’
2011 Kasseler Dokfest, Kassel (DE), ‘OPTICKS’
Premio Arte Rugabella, Castello Primo Villa Fusconi, Milano (IT), ‘Invisible Cities’
Global Astronomy Month 2011 (international), ‘OPTICKS’
Holland Space Center in collaboration with ESA, Amsterdam (NL), ‘OPTICKS’
2010 Het Kunstweekend Charlois, Rotterdam (NL), ‘History of Doing’
Amsterdam Planetarium (NL), ‘OPTICKS’
2008 Museo Laboratorio Arte Contemporanea (MLAC), Rome (IT), ‘Space Merchants’
2006 MUU Gallery, Helsinki (FI) as part of ‘Amorph06! Performance Art Festival’, ‘Invisible Cities’
Helsinki Art Festival (FI), ‘Invisible Cities’

2019 OPTICKS, Global Astronomy Month 2019 (USA/NL online performance)
101.Mediapoetry ‘Invisible Network’, Saint Petersburg (RU)
‘Moons’ Newarke Houses Museum and Garden Leicester (UK)
Symbiotic Solaris Station, Kunstkapel, Amsterdam (NL)
2018 October Country III: Findings from Twilight Expeditions, Amsterdam (NL)
COGITO, Dwingeloo Radio Telescope and ASTRON, Dwingeloo (NL)
Berlin Planetarium, Berlin Science Week (DE)
VIRTUS, MACRO Museum, Rome (IT)
Earth & Sky, Société d’Electicité, Brussels (BE)
TEC ART Rotterdam (NL)
2017 A Light Weave, Zone2Source, Amsterdam (NL)
GOGBOT 2017, Enschede (NL)
Face to Face, Montepulciano (IT)
2016 ‘La Luna al Popolo’, Torre dei Lombardi, Perugia (IT)
Arts, Humanities and Culture in Space, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Charlois Speciaal, Rotterdam (NL)
Spazi Galattici, Vegapunk, Milan (IT)
New Realism, Science Park, Amsterdam (NL)
HEDEN: HEELAL, Stichting VHDG, Leeuwarden (NL)
2015 Iklectikartlab, ‘The Bohman Family 13th Anniversary’, London (UK)
Bradwolff Projects, Precarious Aesthetics, Amsterdam (NL) ‘The Blue Marble’
2014 ‘Interno 14’ Gallery, Rome (IT), ‘The Blue Marble’
Dark August Variations, a radio show for Concertzender.nl (NL)
VegaPunk, Sonar Touch, Milan (IT) ‘Moon Relay’
WORM, Ether Snuiven, Rotterdam (NL) ‘Writing on the Moon’
BIO 50, Architecture Biennale, Ljubljana (SLO) ‘COGITO’
Into the Fold, The Photocopy Club x Camberwell Press, London (UK) ‘Le Voyage dans la Lune’
2013 GLITCH, Doomed Gallery, London (UK) ‘Moon Relay’
Siggraph Asia Art Gallery, Hong Kong ‘OPTICKS’
Digital Design Challenge, V&A Museum, London (UK) ‘Moon Relay’
Kosmica Mexico, ‘OPTICKS’
Stedelijk Museum Assen (NL), ‘Operation Moon Bounce’, ‘le Voyage dans la Lune’
2012 9th Shanghai Biennale, Journey to the West: a Planetary Fairytale, in collaboration with Roy Ascott
Sguardi Sonori, Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona (IT), ‘768.000 Km’
Premio Arte Rugabella, Villa Rusconi, Milano (IT), ‘ATLAS’
Café OTO, London, UK, OPTICKS
2011 MACRO, Museum Contemporary Art, Rome (IT), ‘OPTICKS’
Nowhere Gallery, Rome (IT), ‘le Voyage dans la Lune’ & ‘768.000 Km’
Premio Arte Rugabella, Villa Rusconi (IT), ‘Invisible Cities’
RAiR #2 Festival, Rotterdam (NL), ‘OPTICKS’
AIR/EAR Radio Art Festival, Santa Fe (Argentina), ‘OPTICKS’
MUV Festival, RomaEuropaWebFactory, Florence (IT), ‘Invisible Cities’
Roundhouse and Resonance FM, Netaudio Festival 2011, London (UK), ‘OPTICKS’
FESTARTE Video Art Festival, Triennale di Milano (IT), ‘History of Doing’
TRAMWAY, Glasgow (UK), New Territories Performance Art Festival
VideoFormes, International Video Art Festival (FR), ‘Rehearsal#2’
Facolta’ di Architettura, La Sapienza University of Rome (IT)
2010 RAIR Festival, Foundation B.A.D. Rotterdam (NL), ‘Invisible Cities’
MACRO, Museum Contemporary Art, Rome (IT), ‘History of Doing’
Videoholica Festival, Varna (BL), ‘Rehersal #2’
ARTCEVIA International Art Festival, Arcevia (IT),’London to Rome’
2009 Molise Cinema, Casacalenda (IT), ‘Invisible Cities’
Euromediterraneo International Art Festival, Altomonte (IT), ‘Rehearsal #2’
2008 Galleria D‟Arte Contemporanea “Franco Libertucci” (IT), ‘Invisible Cities’
2006 Night of the Arts, Helsinki (FI), ‘Corporation’ & ‘Invisible Lines’
2004 HypeGallery, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (FR), ‘Walkscape’
DanceBase, Edinburgh (UK),’TetraPath’
2003 Dartington Gallery (UK), ‘Walkscape’

2009 V2_Rotterdam (NL), Museu Zero, Tavira (PT)
2009-to present: Dwingeloo Radio Telescope (NL)
2011-2012 HOMMES Foundation, Rotterdam (NL)
2011 Stichting Kaus Australis, Rotterdam (NL)
2010 Stichting NAC, Rotterdam (NL)
2009 Foundation B.A.D., Rotterdam
STEIM, Amsterdam (NL)
2006 HIAP International Artists Residency, Helsinki (FI)

2019 Museu Zero, Tavira (PT)
EuroMoonMars workshop, ESA-ESTEC, Nordwijk (NL)
MACRO museum for contemporary art, Rome (IT)
Milan Design Week 2019 SPARTHabitat/Moon Gallery, Milan (IT)
2018 University of the Underground, Amsterdam (NL)
ASTRON, Dwingeloo (NL)
Berlin Planetarium, Berlin Science Week (DE)
MACRO Museum, Rome (IT)
International Astronautical Congress 2018, Bremen (DE)
KABK, The Hague (NL)
La Villette, Paris (FR)
Académie des Beaux Arts, Paris (FR)
TEC ART Art Science symposium, Rotterdam (NL)
UC Berkeley/Breakthrough Listen “Making Contact” (virtual participation)
2017 inSonic 2017, ZKM, Karlsruhe (DE)
Mars beyond Mars, Forte Prenestino, Rome (IT)
GOGBOT 2017 Symposium, Enschede (NL)
SETI international conference, INAF, Milan (IT)
Animal Agency, University of Amsterdam (NL)
Renewable Futures, Economia, Eindhoven (NL)
Uncertainty Scenarios – Session #4, Iselp, Brussels (BE)
De Ketelfactory, Rotterdam (NL)
2016 Sensibilia 10, Museo Andersen, Rome (IT)
Computer Art Congress, Maison des Sciences de l’ Homme, Paris (FR)
Centre Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI), Paris (FR)
International Big History Conference, University of Amsterdam (NL)
Unseen Podcast (online platform: http://www.unseenpodcast.com/2016/07/episode-54-artists-without- boundaries.html)
ASTRON, Dwingeloo (NL)
Doctoring the Evidence, The Hague (NL)
Ways of Viewing Science and Society, KNAW, Amsterdam (NL)
Communicating Astronomy to the Public (CAP 2016), Medellin, Colombia
International Space Development Conference 2016, San Juan (Puerto Rico)
Center for Consciousness Studies, Tucson (USA)
Academia Film Olomuc 51, Olomuc (Check Republic)
CONTACT, Cultures of the Imagination Conference, San Francisco (USA)
South Explorer Open Studio, Rotterdam (NL)
2015 Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ruimtevaart (Netherlands Space Society), Delft (NL)
Kecks Futures, University of California, Irvine (California, USA)
International Astronautical Congress 2015, Jerusalem (Israel)
Renewable Futures conference, Riga (LV)
Ruimtevaart, November 2015 issue
Lab111, Amsterdam (NL)
Incontri della Luna Piena, Teatro di Villa Torlonia, Rome (IT)
Academia Film Olomuc 50, Olomuc (Check Republic)
International Academy of Astronautics, SETI meeting, Paris (FR)
International Astronautical Federation, ITACCUS meeting, Paris (FR)
Steim, Amsterdam (NL)
Bradwolff Projects, Amsterdam (NL)
2014 Space TV India (online talk)
Philosophy after Nature, Utrecht University (NL)
Earth-Moon-Earth 2014 conference, Park du Radôme, Plemeur Bodou (FR)
Astronomers Without Borders (online talk)
Mediamatic, Amsterdam (NL)
Academia Film Olomuc (Check Republic)
Space Up, ESA-ESTEC Nordwijk (NL)
Amsterdam University College, Faculty of Neurology (NL)
Academia Film Olomuc 49, Olomuc (Check Republic)
Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space, International Astronautical Federation, Paris (FR)
5th IAA Search for Life Signatures Symposium, UNESCO, Paris (FR)
2013 ‘Out of the Cradle’ conference, KSEVT (SLO)
ASTRON, The Netherlands
RE-NEW Digital Arts Festival, Copenhagen (Denmark)
CAP2013, Warsaw (Poland)
ASTRON, The Netherlands
Renew, Media Art Histories, Riga (Latvia)
Kosmica Mexico (Mexico)
ISEA, Sydney (Australia)
American Museum of National History, New York (US)
Humans in Space 2013, Cologne (Germany)
ISEA conference, Sydney (Australia)
British Computer Society, London (UK), Electronic Visualisation and the Arts conference
AIC2013, University of Leeds (UK)
University of York (UK), Becoming Nomads conference
Università Bicocca, Milan (IT), Arts It 2013 conference
Kosmica, Arts Catalysts, Paris (FR)
2012 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (NL)
International Astronautical Federation, Naples (IT)
Space Up Europe, Genk (BE)
EuroScience Open Forum, Dublin (IRL)
University of Cambridge (UK), EME 2012 Conference
Leiden University, Gorlaeus Laboratory, Faculty of Sciences
Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), The Hague (NL)
ASTRON, Dwingeloo (NL)
2011 Europlanet, Copernicus Meeting, Nantes (FR)
MEDIAMATIC, Ignite, Amsterdam (NL)
2010 STEIM, Amsterdam (NL)
ASTRON, Dwingeloo (NL)
Half Juni, Rotterdam (NL)
2003 Dartington College of Arts (UK)

2018 KABK, Arts Science Faculty, The Hague (NL)
Académie des Beaux Arts, Paris (FR)
2009-2005 Lecturer in Arts and Design at Barking College, London (UK)

2018-2019 Curator for ‘Exploded View’ (NL/IT), in collaboration with Krien Clevis
2015 Reviewer for Leonardo, Journal of Arts, Science and Technology
2015 Reviewer for the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts conference (EVA), London
2014 Reviewer for the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts conference (EVA), London
2013 Reviewer for Leonardo, Journal of Arts, Science and Technology
2012 to present founder and director of AstroArts, in collaboration with Astronomers Without Borders
2012 to present curator for the Global Astronomy Month Art & Science programme
2012 to present founder of the online salon ‘Cabine Voltaire’
2009 founder of the art activites at the Dwingeloo radio telescope (NL)

2019 ‘COGITO in Space’, Antennae the Journal of Nature in Visual Culture
2017 ‘COGITO: Radio Astronomy and Neuroscience in Art’, Acoustic Space, Volume 16/Renewable Futures, Issue 1
2015 ‘OPTICKS and Visual Moonbounce‘ Leonardo, MITJournals http://www.mitpressjournals.org/toc/leon/0/ja
2014 ‘Le Voyage dans la Lune’ International Journal of Arts and Technology, Inderscience Publisher
2012 ‘Visual Moonbounce: Videos and Images in the Moonbounce Technology’, EME 2012 Conference, Cambridge, UK, 2012 Radio Society of Great Britain, Bedford UK.

365 Days of Astronomy Podcast (USA)
2018 RAAR/Shimmer Podcast, as part of South Explorer 2018, Rotterdam (NL)
2016 The Unseen Podcast http://www.unseenpodcast.com/2016/07/episode-54-artists-without-boundaries.html
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