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OPTICKS / Send An Image To The Moon And Back at Santa Fe

15 june2014
For the CURRENTS live event OPTICKS will be streamed as a Google Hangout and will feature live improvised sounds by Santa Fe composer Steven Paxton, with SFUAD musicians.


Geert Wilders, arts benefit to society and 10 other ideas @ Ignite Amsterdam 38

28 may 2014
Twelve speakers of May's Ignite talk 5 minutes each about new materials and new ways of art making and thinking.


Presentation 'Le Voyage dans La Lune'

16 April 2014
Presentation of 'Le Voyage dans La Lune' as part of the 49th International Festival of Science Documentary Films, Olomuc, Prague, CZ



13 April 2014
Live OPTICKS performance as part of Global Astronomy Month 2014 (Italian only)


Visual Moonbounce performance

5 April 2014
Live Visual Moonbounce performance as part of the reopening ceremony of the Dwingeloo radio telescope, NL


'Cogito Ergo Sum' presentation

1 April 2014
Presentation of my new project 'Cogito Ergo Sum' at the Faculty of Neurology, Amsterdam University College, Amsterdam, NL


'Cogito Ergo Sum'

21 March 2014
Presentation of my new project 'Cogito Ergo Sum' as part of the 5th IAA Search for Life Signatures Symposium, UNESCO, Paris, FR


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